So Sweetnya Adiva

Hari Ibu, 22 Desember 2016.

Saya mendapatkan banyak kejutan dari anak-anak. Alhamdulillah, bahagiaaaa.

Satunya lukisan dan tulisan ini dari Adiva, sulung kebanggan saya.

Karena baguus dan so sweet makanya saya simpan di blog aja lah supaya tidak hilang begitu saja di FB.

Adiva Shakira menulis:

Hey mom, it’s weird to say that it’s been a while. But it has been a while since I celebrated mother’s day with you and it’s also been a while since I made those cards for your birthdays. I’m afraid to say that I’ve grown out of that habit, you deserve better, that’s what I thought. Not flimsy cards that often rips, not my (ugly) drawings and definitely not nothing.

So why not make a little something, the only thing I think I’m good at; Writing. Though I’m not sure you’d understand everything I typed, well.. if you have any questions, just ask.

Lots of ideas popped into my mind when I was about to write this. But I guess what I wanted to do was to thank you for everything until now.

Thank you for your gentle hand waking me up in the morning.
Thank you for your warm hug you give me whenever I wake up.
Thank you for the sudden laughter after hearing my half asleep gibberish.
Thank you for the effort you put in your cooking .
Thank you for the delicious cooking.

I love how there’s a glint of excitement in your eyes when you ask if it was good or not.

Thank you for listening to me and my problems.
Thank you for understanding me.
Thank you for accepting how I usually don’t show you my on paper works.
Thank you for checking up on me

because it’s quite a long way to go from your room to mine.

Thank you for asking me what do I want to do today.
Thank you for all the links you sent to me.
Thank you for suggesting me all sorts of workshops.

Although not many workshops are focusing on English Fiction writing.

Thank you for letting me dream big.
Thank you for opening the homeschooling path for us

It really changed our life.

Thank you for the freedom you give us.

Oh and there is so much more thank you’s you deserve from me and Aliyah but I can only write so much. You gave us so much, I mean you literally gave us the chance to step on this earth and live this life how we want to and don’t even get me started on how hard you work on your job that you often have neck and back pains.

Really, thank you.

Happy (late) mother’s day Doris Aminah Nasution